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Product Pipeline

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Product Pipeline

Our scientists have spent decades on research and development of technologies in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology and Human Health. Our current portfolio includes a wide range of exclusive licensing agreements to patents that address drought, pest control, and methods for screening compounds to discover and develop new forms of therapy for various diseases and disorders affecting plants and animals. Our company is uniquely positioned to identify the most promising results from ground-breaking research to develop a long term pipeline enabling the discovery of new technologies for our portfolio.

Currently our portfolio contains the following technologies:


Drought Tolerance

The overexpression of proteins, which naturally exist in plants, confers improved tolerance to drought and improves crop yield.

Agricultural Pest Control

The identified compounds could be used in agriculture to better control insects that threaten crop yield.

Oxidative Stress Resistance

The recently discovered microRNAs are master regulators of plant growth and development. Over-expression of this microRNA, which naturally exists in the plant, improves tolerance to oxidative stress such as high light and heavy metals.

Virus Discovery

Virus discovery by sequencing and assembly of virus-derived siRNAs, miRNAs and piRNAs provides a method for faster identification of a virus in a sample and the discovery of previously unknown viruses.


Screening for anti-diabetics

Therapeutic Neutraceutical for Diabetes and Obesity as an enhancer of glucose-sensing and insulin secretion offers various possibilities for better anti-diabetes drugs, for example, screening known compounds for activators of that gene.

Screening for anti-virals

This novel screening method could allow the discovery of a new generation of anti-virals useful for the treatment of many viral diseases such as influenza, hepatitis, and HIV.