In 2007, $116 billion was spent on treatment of diabetes patients.

Almost 26 million Americans have diabetes.

More than 50% of the US land is currently under drought.

Abiotic stress reduces average crop yields by over 50%.

In 2008, leading companies spent $2.4 billion on seed trait R&D.

Current drought will cost farmers $12 billion in losses.

There are no curative antivirals on the market.

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D-Helix Inc. is delighted to announce the addition of Mr. Robert Paley to the Board of Directors.

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As the global population continues to grow, we face a complexity of challenges sustaining day to day necessities for every human being.

Welcome to the website of D-Helix Inc., an R&D company focused on the discovery and development of breakthrough biotechnologies. Founded in 2006 by a consortium of world-renowned scientists, D-Helix strives to discover, patent and develop innovative solutions to problems caused by environmental and societal stresses that affect everything from global food supplies to physical health epidemics.

Our present portfolio consists of a number of solutions to abiotic stress, yield optimization, agricultural pests, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's, and diseases caused by viral infections. In addition, we offer a technology discovery platform to support agricultural and human health.